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Amline, OEM based, founded in Jan, 1986, the largest manufacturers of Aluminum Reflector, Cone, Baffle, Trim, Alum/Zinc Die-Casting, BMC, Plastic injection, Steel parts, and Assembly in Asia, for commercial, industrial, high base and residential applications. For lamps of incandescent, low voltage, compact fluorescent, LED and HID. Have achieved International Standards Organization accreditation .


Our headquarter is in Taipei, Taiwan, has 1 warehouse in GA. US., 2 major manufacturing facilities for more than 15 years experience with 500 employees in Shanghai and Quanshan , China. Our daily capacity is 80,000 pcs. Surface finish we provided: Alzak anodize/ colored Alzak per customers' request/Bright dip/Diffuse/Anodize low iridescent/ Wet Paint/ Powder coat/ Vacuum metalized ...,etc.


Main customers: Cooper, Juno, Indy, Focal, Canlyte, Foremost, Reflek, Philips (Intl.), Compact, Iguzzini, Kowa(Japan), G.E., Panasonic and so on.Our quality has a strong and vibrant image throughout the industry.


We are dedicated to deliver excellent quality products to meet customer's specifications

Amline Products Limited Tel: 886-2-27531400 Fax: 886-2-27530877 E-mail: